Don Schubert

Writer (Germany)

Don became known for his scripts for vari­ous TV pro­duc­tions, among them a crime series (DIE STIM­MEN, UNTREU AND GESTERN WARST DU STILL) dir­ec­ted by Rain­er Mat­sutani, as well as dram­at­ur­gic­al advisor for the ZDF series DIE DEUTSCHEN and co-author of 2057 – DIE WELT IN 50 JAHREN. He wrote sev­er­al filmscripts for pub­lic broad­casters (ZDF, ORF) but also as a writer for the web series DER LACK IST AB and wrote, pro­duced and dir­ec­ted the doc­u­ment­ary about the Ger­man foot­ball legend RUDI ASSAUER:

MACH­ER. MENSCH. LEGENDE. In addi­tion, Don is com­mit­ted and inter­ested in har­ness­ing block­chain for the rights of cre­at­ives and the future-ori­ented tech­no­logy VR.