Sonia Moy­er­soen

Writer, Story Editor (France)

Born in 1966, Sonia Moy­er­soen first com­pleted a law degree and stud­ied theatre before becom­ing an act­ress. Since 1994, she has developed around a hun­dred TV movies, in the capa­city of Head of Devel­op­ment at GMT Pro­duc­tions: includ­ing Monte-Cristo, Balzac, Les Mis­ér­ables, Aime ton père by Jac­ob Ber­ger. Since 2007, she has super­vised and acted as script con­sult­ant for vari­ous doc­u­ment­ar­ies and movie pro­jects in a freel­ance capa­city, includ­ing Le Journ­al d’une femme de chambre by Ben­oît Jac­quot, Fleur de Ton­nerre by Stéphanie Pil­lonca, Hénaut Présid­ent by Michel Muller. She is a pro­lif­ic story edit­or for TV series and dir­ec­ted a doc­u­ment­ary on the rur­al world in 2012, Le temps de la terre. She has lived between Par­is and Brit­tany since Septem­ber 2015.