Channing Dungey

Ms. Chan­ning Dun­gey has been Pres­id­ent of ABC Prime­time Enter­tain­ment since Feb­ru­ary 17, 2016. Ms. Dun­gey served as Seni­or Vice Pres­id­ent of Drama at ABC Prime­time Enter­tain­ment since June 2009. She served as Seni­or Vice Pres­id­ent of Drama Devel­op­ment at Touch­stone Tele­vi­sion Pro­duc­tions, LLC (formerly ABC Tele­vi­sion Stu­dio) and also served as its Vice Pres­id­ent of Drama Series. Ms. Dun­gey was respons­ible for the devel­op­ment and acquis­i­tion of drama pro­gram­ming for the stu­dio, which cre­ated inter­na­tion­al hit fran­chises “Lost,” “Des­per­ate House­wives” and “Grey’s Ana­tomy.” As Head of the Drama Devel­op­ment Depart­ment, Ms. Dun­gey over­saw a team of cre­at­ive exec­ut­ives who identi­fy, cul­tiv­ate and devel­op drama pro­gram­ming for net­work broad­cast and cable exhib­i­tion. Her slate of pro­gram­ming included the award-win­ning sen­sa­tion “Ugly Betty,” the com­pel­ling, crit­ic­ally-acclaimed fam­ily saga “Broth­ers & Sis­ters,” “Private Prac­tice,” the CW’s “Reap­er,” CBS dra­mas “Crim­in­al Minds” and Jen­nifer Love Hewit­t’s “Ghost Whisper­er,” and Life­time’s highest rated series, “Army Wives.”

Ms. Dun­gey began her suc­cess­ful career in enter­tain­ment as a devel­op­ment assist­ant for Dav­is Enter­tain­ment at 20th Cen­tury Fox. She then became story edit­or at Steam­roller Pro­duc­tions, Steven Seagal’s Warner Bros-based com­pany Eager for new chal­lenges, Ms. Dun­gey left the exec­ut­ive suite in the spring of 1998 to become seni­or vice pres­id­ent at Mater­i­al, a film pro­duc­tion com­pany with a first look deal at Warner Bros., which was respons­ible for 2000’s “Red Plan­et,” star­ring Val Kilmer, as well as 2002’s remake of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine,” star­ring Guy Pearce. After being named pres­id­ent in 2001, Ms. Dun­gey co-pro­duced two films that were released in the spring of 2002: “Queen of the Damned,” adap­ted from the best-selling nov­el by Anne Rice, star­ring Stu­art Town­send and Aaliyah, and “Show­time,” star­ring Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo. The third film she co-pro­duced, “The Big Bounce,” based on an Elmore Leonard nov­el, was dir­ec­ted by George Armit­age and starred Owen Wilson and Mor­gan Free­man. In Janu­ary 2003, Ms. Dun­gey partnered with Pamela Post, a pro­du­cer formerly with Team Todd, and formed Dex­ter­ity Pic­tures. The pro­duc­tion part­ner­ship was focused on mak­ing both stu­dio and inde­pend­ent films, as well as devel­op­ing tele­vi­sion series. In the sum­mer of 2004, a TV pitch meet­ing Ms. Dun­gey took with an ABC exec­ut­ive res­ul­ted in an offer to join the drama team at ABC Stu­di­os, then known as Touch­stone Tele­vi­sion.

She is a found­ing mem­ber of the Step Up Women’s Net­work, a nation­al non-profit mem­ber­ship organ­iz­a­tion ded­ic­ated to strength­en­ing com­munity resources for women and girls. She also teaches a gradu­ate level course on Devel­op­ing the Drama Pilot at UCLA’s School of Theat­er, Film and Tele­vi­sion. Ms. Dun­gey is a Magna Cum Laude gradu­ate of UCLA with a B.A. in Theat­er, Film and Tele­vi­sion.