David Bianculli

TV critic, author, editor and columnist (USA)

Dav­id Bian­culli has been the TV crit­ic for Nation­al Pub­lic Radio’s Fresh Air, where he also appears as occa­sion­al guest host, since 1987. He has worked as a TV crit­ic for news­pa­pers in Flor­ida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, most recently for the New York Daily News from 1993–2007. Cur­rently, he is edit­or and colum­nist of the online magazine TV Worth Watch­ing — www.tvworthwatching.com — which he launched in 2007. He has writ­ten three books – Dan­ger­ously Funny: The Uncensored Story of ‘The Smoth­ers Broth­ers Com­edy Hour’, Tele­l­it­er­acy: Tak­ing Tele­vi­sion Ser­i­ously and Dic­tion­ary of Tele­l­it­er­acy. He now teaches TV and film as a full-time asso­ci­ate pro­fess­or at Row­an Uni­ver­sity in Glass­boro, New Jer­sey.