Katrin Goetter

Producer (Germany)

Born 1974. Studies of Social Science. As of 1998 producer in the field of advertising. Assistant director for feature films, series and documentaries. Script writer in the Series division, studies at dffb (German Film and Television Academy) in Berlin.

Prior to completing her studies at dffb in 2004, Katrin was already working for teamWorx Television and Film in Potsdam and Berlin in a capacity as producer. She was responsible for the multiple award-winning productions MARCH OF MILLIONS, HINDENBURG: THE LAST FLIGHT or crime drama series INNOCENT, among others, and specialized in the implementation of multi-part episode, historical and international productions. Beginning in 2010 she realized the Mini-Series GENERATION WAR in a capacity as Executive Producer, which won, besides numerous German and European awards, the INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARD in 2014.

Since March 2013 Katrin has been active at REAL FILM Berlin in a capacity as Executive Producer where she is responsible for the development of single and multi-piece productions for TV and cinema. Her latest work is the award-winning feature HEIL by Dietrich Brüggemann and the political Mini-Series CAPITAL POWER.

Katrin teaches in the internationally designed degree course Serial Eyes at dffb since 2013.