Mayte Kappel Rovira

Coach (German)

As a Berlin-based coach, trainer and facilitator, Mayte is an expert in designing, planning and supporting human development processes for groups and individuals. Her work focusses on good collaboration, leadership, collective ideation and storytelling. Besides a university degree in Fine Arts, Performative Arts, Philosophy and Cultural Management, she holds certificates in Systemic Coaching and Facilitating and Innovation/Design Thinking. Her artistic background reflects on her trainings, as she is always looking for inspiring methods and ways to create an enthusiastic and creative field. As a freelancer she works for customers such as DFFB, Berlinale, Deutsche Bahn, Bayer, amongst others. She collaborates on a regular base with the Innovation Agency “Innovation Radicals” and is currently developing a leadership program in the educational sector. She loves good storytelling and can’t watch a talk without taking notes with best-practice-ideas.