Neil Arksey

Head of Studies, Serial Eyes

As a writer, story edit­or, head writer and pro­du­cer, Neil Ark­sey has been respons­ible for over a thou­sand epis­odes of seri­al drama. In the UK he has worked on shows such as Cross­roads, Mile High, Fam­ily Affairs, Doc­tors, River City. In Europe he was part of the team that set up long-run­ning Finnish Soap Sal­atut Elämät, as well as head writer then series story pro­du­cer on Jóban Rosszban, a con­tinu­ing hos­pit­al drama based in Bud­apest.

In addi­tion to work­ing as a writer and pro­du­cer, Neil has taught writ­ing and screen­writ­ing at sev­er­al uni­ver­sit­ies and the Lon­don Film School, where he runs Pitch to Pilot, a TV drama writ­ing course. He is also the author of a num­ber of pop­u­lar YA nov­els, pub­lished by Pen­guin Ran­dom House and has been co-cre­at­or and writer on some very suc­cess­ful TV shows for chil­dren.