Nicola Lusuardi

Writer (Italy)

Since 1990, Nic­ola Lusuardi has been work­ing as a play­wright for sev­er­al pro­duc­tion com­pan­ies and as a screen­writer, story edit­or and super­visor for tele­vi­sion net­works RAI, MEDIASET, SKY (In treat­ment Itali­an ver­sion, Barabba, Il segreto di Thomas, La Mon­aca di Monza). He also works as a script con­sult­ant and tutor at the Torino­FilmLab-Inter­change and Bien­nale Col­lege and teaches drama writ­ing for TV series at the Centro Sper­i­mentale di Cine­ma­to­grafia in Rome. He’s the author of the book La Rivoluzione Seriale, Dino Audino Editore, Rome.