Nir Berger

Writer, Israeli

Nir Berger is a screenwriter and director from Israel, graduate of TAU film school. In the last 5 years he has created, written and directed TV series, web series and short films in various genres – from animated comedy, through sketch shows and all the way to live-action, serialized drama. Some of his recent work: creating, co-writing and directing the award-winning animated web series Dead End for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, which has reached nearly 2 million views in Israel (in a 7 million Hebrew-speaking population); creating, co-writing and directing the sci-fi comedy series Big Nothing (Yes Kidz); co-creating the comedy web series Contacts, which has reached over 2 million views with only three episodes; writing & directing the short film Touch, recently participating in Jerusalem Film Festival; co-developing a new dramedy series for the IPBC; and writing on staff for various other TV shows, among them the successful sketch show Ha-Yehudim Ba’im and the family sitcom Tsafuf. For more details as well as viewing links, visit