Sonya Moyersoen

Writer, Story Editor (France)

Born in 1966, Sonia Moyersoen first made a Law degree and studied theatre before becoming an actress. In 1994, she changed for the other side of the camera as Head of Developement at GMT Productions (France). During the next 13 years, she developed around a hundred TV movies, including some of the most regarded and awarded international co-productions such as : Monte-Cristo, Balzac, Les Misérables, Napoléon, L’enfant des lumières, L’aîné des Ferchaux, Jean Moulin, Masculin-Féminin (series), Volpone, Dans la tête du tueur, Le Grand Charles, and a motion picture, Aime ton père by Jacob Berger.

In 2007, she went free lance and works in France and overseas.

She supervises documentaties : Nostalgia de la luz and El botón de nácar by Patricio Guzman, Between Fences by Avi Mograbi, Balladur-Chirac : mensonges et trahisons by Jean-Charles Deniau, Lea Tsemel, advocate by Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaiche, Ouaga girls by Theresa Traore Dahlberg, Libres ! by Arno Bitschy, 140 km à l’ouest du paradis by Céline Rouzet.

She’s script consultant on movies : Le Journal d’une femme de chambre by Benoît Jacquot, Fleur de Tonnerre by Stéphanie Pillonca, Hénaut Président by Michel Muller.

She worked as story editor for TV series : Hénaut Président (Paris Première), Un film sans (TPS) and Les fines fleurs (M6) by Michel Muller,  Death in Paradise Season 1 by Robert Thorogood (BBC One, France 2), Trapped (Seasons 1 and 2) by Baltasar Kormákur (RÚV, ZDF, France 2), Capitaine Marleau by Josée Dayan (France 3).

She directed a documentary on the rural world, Le temps de la terre (2012).

And finally she also co-wrote with Bernard Stora La dernière campagne (2013) then Villa Caprice (pre-production) ; she wrote episodes 7 and 11 in the series Capitaine Marleau (2016-2017) ; she’s co-writing with Michel Muller L’escapade, and with Nathan Miller L’Enfant Rouge.

She lives between Paris and Brittany since September 2015.