Andrej Ilievski Volkashin


Andrey Volkash­in has writ­ten and dir­ec­ted sev­er­al short films in Mace­do­nia, Bul­garia and Bos­nia, that have premiered at Oscar, Baf­ta and EFA qual­i­fy­ing fest­ivals around the world. He is cur­rently in early pre-pro­duc­tion of his debut fea­ture film developed at the Torino Film Lab and sup­por­ted by the North Mace­do­nia Film Agency. Andrey is drawn to dif­fer­ent genres and styles but his fas­cin­a­tion with the nat­ur­al world and the com­plex­ity of human nature is always reflec­ted in his work.