Hugo Apruzzese

Writer, France

Hugo first stud­ied Jazz at Lyo­n’s music con­ser­vat­ory, Film at Lyon 2 Uni­ver­sity and then writ­ing at UCLA. After an MFA pro­gram for pro­du­cers at INA in Par­is, Hugo worked for three years as a Ser­vi­cing and Cre­at­ive Man­ager for Fed­er­a­tion Enter­tain­ment in Par­is before fully get­ting into screen­writ­ing. In the mean­time, he worked on …

Will Buckingham

Writer, US/Germany

Will is an Amer­ic­an writer liv­ing in Ber­lin. He earned an MFA in Dra­mat­ic Writ­ing from Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singa­pore before hust­ling as a Hol­ly­wood assist­ant and script read­er, finally set­tling in Ger­many in 2019. His made-for-TV movies have aired in over 8 coun­tries, and he has worked as a lead …

Lola Faroux

Writer, France

I am a screen­writer from Par­is, gradu­ate from the 3iS school in the Par­is region. I wrote for French tele­vi­sion pro­grams and I also worked on mul­tiple per­son­al fic­tion­al pro­jects. I love to write dra­mat­ic series, thrill­er but also com­edy and I prefer the long format to have the pleas­ure to devel­op my char­ac­ters as …

Kálmán Gasztonyi

Writer, Hungary

I was born in Bud­apest. After obtain­ing a Master´s degree in Polit­ic­al Sci­ences, I also gradu­ated from the Uni­ver­sity of Theat­er and Film Arts of Bud­apest as a screen­writer. I work for RTL Hun­gary, I developed my own TV series with my friends and has been the head writer of the TV show ever since.

Thomas Mellors

Writer, United Kingdom

Tom is a screen­writer and dir­ect­or from Wilt­shire, Eng­land and a gradu­ate of Lon­don Film School. Formerly a journ­al­ist, he has writ­ten and dir­ec­ted two short films and had three short plays staged on Lon­don’s fringe theatres. He has been long-lis­ted for the BBC Stu­dio Writer­’s Academy and The Roy­al Court Theatre’s Intro­duct­ory Play­writ­ing Group

Barbora Námerová

Writer, Slovakia

Bar­bora is a screen­writer and story edit­or based in Prague, where she gradu­ated from FAMU (Film and TV School of Academy of Per­form­ing Arts). She is work­ing on film and tv pro­jects on vari­ous top­ics about his­tory, new wave witch­craft, fem­in­ism and research with psy­che­delics. Her first fea­ture Filthy  (Tereza Nvotová), was screened in Rot­ter­dam …

Kristina Peter

Writer, Germany

After some study­ing and some ser­i­ous soul-search­ing, Kristina dis­covered cre­at­ive writ­ing for her­self. Excit­ing jobs in advert­ising fol­lowed before Kristina switched to work­ing in tele­vi­sion as a writer at the Ger­man daily soap Sturm der Liebe and as a Devel­op­ment Pro­du­cer at Warner Media. There, she worked on award-win­n­ing series such as 4 Blocks and …

Timothée Prudhomme

Writer, France

After study­ing law and polit­ic­al sci­ence in Par­is, Timothée dis­covered the film and TV industry while work­ing for very inde­pend­ent pro­du­cers as well as large audi­ovisu­al groups. After three years of read­ing for an inter­na­tion­al sales com­pany, he decided to focus on screen­writ­ing. He cur­rently devel­ops a teen drama unfold­ing dur­ing an elo­quence con­test.

Louise Silverio

Writer, France

Louise is a writer and pro­du­cer based in Par­is. She gradu­ated in pro­duc­tion from La Fémis with a final essay on the defin­i­tion of showrun­ning in France and a com­edy pilot telling the story of four sev­enty-year-old women on an ocean liner. Since then, she co-wrote Hap­pi­ness a 15x5’ Ira­ni­an teen-drama series for Arte to …

Ivana Sujová

Writer, Slovakia

Ivana is a writer and fest­iv­al dir­ect­or. She gradu­ated from the Academy of Per­form­ing Arts, SK with a mas­ter­’s in TV and film scriptwrit­ing. Since then she has worked for private broad­casters on sev­er­al pro­jects, includ­ing daily drama and com­edy TV series. Apart from series writ­ing, she wrote awar­ded anim­a­tion shorts. Since 2018 Ivana is …

Anna-Lena Theobald

Writer, Germany

Anna-Lena is a writer/producer based in Ber­lin. She holds an MA degree in Philo­sophy and a Dip­loma in Pro­du­cing from the Deutsche Film- und Fernse­hakademie Ber­lin (dffb). She has worked on and writ­ten for film and TV pro­duc­tions from Ger­many, Canada, China and the US. Her first TV-show as a headwriter/showrunner is in devel­op­ment with …

Pavlo Voytovych

Writer, Ukraine

Pavlo is a Ber­­lin-based TV writer, com­edy author, and stand-up comedi­an. He comes from Ukraine where he has worked as an advert­ising copy­writer, screen­writer, and journ­al­ist. When not work­ing, Pavlo can be seen rid­ing a bicycle, watch­ing You­Tube, or writ­ing about him­self in the third per­son.

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