Anne-Mar­ie Angelo


Anne-Mar­ie is a screen­writer and his­tor­i­an based in Ber­lin and Brighton, UK.
Pre­vi­ously Anne-Mar­ie worked with The Col­bert Report on Com­edy Cent­ral, stud­ied com­edy with The Second City, and appeared on BBC News and the His­tory Chan­nel. She holds a PhD in His­tory from Duke Uni­ver­sity. Since Seri­al Eyes, she has been devel­op­ing TV series with pro­du­cers in the UK, the US and Ger­many, and she has writ­ten a non-fic­tion book on the Brit­ish and Israeli Black Pan­ther move­ments. She also does trans­la­tions and polishes.

Recent Credits:

  • Babylon Berlin, translator, X-Filme Creative Pool, Germany
  • Grantchester, historical consultant, Kudos, UK



Contact: +447454785548