Helmi Tolonen


Helmi is a Finnish/​Swedish screen­writer based in Stock­holm. She cre­ated the crit­ic­ally acclaimed Finnish-Swedish com­edy series JAG KOM­MER, which aired on YLE and NRK in 2020. After gradu­at­ing from the Stock­holm Uni­ver­sity of the Arts with a degree in screen­writ­ing in 2021, she joined Swedish TV4 as a devel­op­ment exec­ut­ive, com­mis­sion­ing TV series. From 2020 to 2023, Helmi also worked as a script con­sult­ant, staff writer, and dram­at­urg on vari­ous TV pro­jects. Helmi’s storytelling tends to lean towards the tra­gi­com­ic, as she is drawn to explor­ing uncom­fort­able social situ­ations and mis­fit char­ac­ters try­ing to find their place in the world. She loves to play with genres, often adding heightened twists to col­or a gray social real­ism. Through a gen­er­ous dose of humor, Helmi exam­ines themes of social con­structs and soci­et­al injustice in her work. After she gradu­ates from Seri­al Eyes, Helmi is open to work inter­na­tion­ally and is enthu­si­ast­ic about explor­ing vari­ous themes and genres through oth­ers’ pro­jects, as well as her own.