Ioana Chep­tea

Romania / Canada

Ioana Chep­tea is a Cana­dian-Romani­an Screen­writer who finds her­self split­ting her time between Van­couver and Europe. After years of study­ing Lin­guist­ics and Soci­ology at the Uni­ver­sity of Brit­ish Columbia, she decided to pur­sue her pas­sion for a career in film, start­ing as a Script Read­er and Story Edit­or 5 years ago. Ioana has since gone on to work as a com­mis­sioned freel­ance screen­writer, ven­tur­ing into pro­duc­tion as well, pro­du­cing and dir­ect­ing two short films and fre­quently work­ing as a Cos­tume Design­er. When not writ­ing she can be found thrift­ing for the latest fash­ions and play­ing volleyball.