Louise Sil­verio


Louise is a writer and pro­du­cer based in Par­is. She gradu­ated in pro­duc­tion from La Fémis with a final essay on the defin­i­tion of showrun­ning in France and a com­edy pilot telling the story of four sev­enty-year-old women on an ocean liner.

Since then, she co-wrote Hap­pi­ness a 15x5’ Ira­ni­an teen-drama series for Arte to be broad­cas­ted in Septem­ber 2021. She is cur­rently work­ing in pro­duc­tion on Bri­gade Mobile, a 7x12’ com­edy series for Arte and as a lit­er­ary advisor on Gang­sys­tem, a dark 8x52’ dysto­pi­an teen-drama. She’s also devel­op­ing her own pro­jects – inter­act­ive thrillers, peri­od dra­mas and rom coms.