Madeleine Féret-Fleury


Madeleine is a French writer and dir­ect­or. After gradu­at­ing in screen­writ­ing at Par­is-Nan­terre uni­ver­sity in 2017, she worked in series devel­op­ment at the French dis­tri­bu­tion and pro­duc­tion com­pany Dia­phana, then as a writ­ing coordin­at­or and a juni­or screen­writer on Agatha Cristie’s crim­in­al games (Escazal Films/​France TV) and La Mais­on (TOP – The Olig­archs Pro­duc­tion). She is also the author of twenty nov­els for chil­dren and young adults, includ­ing Ready (Hachette), Les Gardi­ens de la Terre (Flam­mari­on) and La Cité des Reines (Scrinéo).