Ros­sella Di Campli


Ros­sella Di Campli is a 38-year-old Itali­an screen­writer, writer, trans­lat­or. She has a BA in European Lit­er­at­ures (Bologna), a Mas­ter in Pub­lish­ing (Par­is) and a Mas­ter in TV screen­writ­ing (Scuola Hold­en, Tur­in). She is a Torino Series Lab both 1st and 2nd prize win­ner with her hor­ror teen drama Viola in the Mir­ror (2017). In 2018 she wins the Torno Subito Grant and stud­ies Pro­du­cing for one month and the NYFA in Los Angeles. The same year she is story edit­or for Pub­lis­pei (Rome), edit­or-on-set for Fab­ula Pic­tures dur­ing the shoot­ing of the Net­flix series Baby, and head writer in Moscow for an inde­pend­ent pro­du­cer. From 2020 to 2022 she is staff writ­ing for an upcom­ing pre-teen action-adven­ture Dis­ney+ TV series (Lotus Prod). In 2021 she is part of the UGC Cam­pus work­shop at Séries Mania (Lille) with her sad­com Nor­d­ic Lights, which was pre­vi­ously Quarter Final­ist at the Page Inter­na­tion­al Award in 2018.