Valentina Shevyak­hova


Valentina Shevyak­hova has star­ted her career in screen­writ­ing at the age of 23 and since 2004 she has writ­ten for more than thirty TV shows for Rus­si­an and Ukrain­i­an TV net­works, many of them in the pos­i­tion of head writer. Her diverse exper­i­ence embraces all vari­ations of drama – includ­ing dram­edy, fam­ily drama, crime and med­ic­al pro­ced­ur­als or peri­od drama.

Recent Credits:

  • Bondmaid, headwriter, STB+FILM.UA, STB Channel, Ukraine
  • Gornaya Bolezn’, co-creator, Epic Media, TVC-Channel, Russia
  • Sklifosovsky (S6), staff writer, RUSSKOE, Rossiya-1 Channel, Russia


Russian, English