Ben Har­ris

Writer and Producer (UK)

Ben has just fin­ished writ­ing and exec­ut­ive pro­du­cing Young Wal­lander, the show he cre­ated for Yel­low­bird and Net­flix about the form­at­ive exper­i­ences of the icon­ic detect­ive Kurt Wal­lander. Before that, Ben wrote and exec­ut­ive pro­duced Dev­ils, star­ring Patrick Demp­sey for Lux Vide and Sky Italia, a con­spir­acy thrill­er set in the world of high fin­ance. Ben was the head writer on Big Light series Ransom for CBS and TF1, based on a real life crisis nego­ti­at­or. He also wrote on ITV series Mar­cella and Dark Heart, and BBC shows The Mus­ket­eers, Hunted and The Paradise.

Ben is equally at home writ­ing alone from the shed at the bot­tom of his garden, or col­lab­or­at­ing in a writers room. He is a core tutor at Seri­al Eyes, the Ber­lin-based post­gradu­ate course for European pro­fes­sion­als, that teaches how to be a showrun­ner in the Amer­ic­an writers room system.