Daniel Hend­ler

Writer (US, Germany)

Daniel Hend­ler is an Amer­ic­an writer based in Ber­lin. He recently wrote on Netflix’s drama Unortho­dox from showrun­ner Anna Wing­er, and Ger­man com­edy series MaPa for Joyn. Cur­rent pro­jects include True Cross, a his­tor­ic­al drama about the life of Cara­vag­gio for Lucien Pro­duc­tions (FR); Exit Coun­sel, a pro­ced­ur­al drama about cult depro­gram­mers for Endorphine Pro­duc­tions (DE); and Chil­dren of Mars, an inter­na­tion­al sci-fi drama for ZDF and Neuesuper.