Egbert van Wyngaarden

Writer and Professor (Germany)

Egbert van Wyn­gaarden is Pro­fess­or of Screen­writ­ing and Cre­at­ive Writ­ing at Mac­ro­media Uni­ver­sity in Munich. In his work as a cre­at­ive con­sult­ant with media net­works, cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions and cor­por­ate busi­nesses, he puts a dis­tinct emphas­is on Futures Lit­er­acy and Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Lead­er­ship, focus­ing on the ques­tion which kinds of nar­rat­ive can help us solve com­plex sys­tem­ic chal­lenges and shape tomorrow’s world. 

Egbert has pro­duced inter­na­tion­al TV series with Gaumont in Par­is, France, and played a key role in media innov­a­tion at the Bav­ari­an Film Cen­ter, organ­iz­ing con­fer­ences and work­shops on trans­me­dia storytelling, series devel­op­ment in the Writers’ Room, XR and AI. He’s pub­lished a manu­al on digit­al media devel­op­ment in Ger­man and authored ‘Storytelling Futures – Trans­form­at­ive Media for the Age of Cli­mate Change’ (Bav­ari­an Film Cen­ter, 2021).