Kirsten Itter­sha­gen

Writer (Germany)

Kirsten Itter­sha­gen was born and raised in Ham­burg, Ger­many. After gradu­at­ing her stud­ies of Soci­ology, Cul­tur­al Stud­ies, Polit­ics and Psy­cho­logy at the Uni­ver­sity of Ham­burg, she began work­ing in advert­ising and brand man­age­ment but dreamed of a career in the TV Industry.

In 2005 she decided to make the leap of faith. Kirsten Itter­sha­gen moved to Ber­lin and star­ted her career as a staff writer at UFA Seri­al Drama. Before long she found her­self in 2009 as the head writer of the pop­u­lar, long-run­ning TV series UNTER UNS(Among Us), GUTE ZEITEN, SCHLECHTE ZEITEN (Good Times, Bad Times) and in 2013 as the writer-pro­du­cer of VER­BOTENE LIEBE (For­bid­den Love).

As a pas­sion­ate trav­el­er, Kirsten Itter­sha­gen works also inter­na­tion­ally and with dif­fer­ent cul­tures. For Fre­mantle, she worked in Croa­tia in 2011 on the show RUZA VJET­ROVA (Rose of the Wind) for Croation broad­caster RTL, head­ing up their inter­na­tion­al writers room. And in 2013 she also developed a TV series called THE MALL for the same Lon­don based com­pany, set in Dubai and mar­keted to air in the Middle East. In 2018 she worked a super­vising writer for the Hun­gari­an TV series BARÁ­TOK KOTZ (Between Friends) pro­duced by UFA Seri­al Drama, devel­op­ing sea­son story arcs and char­ac­ters with the Eng­lish-speak­ing writer’s room of inter­na­tion­al writers.

Fol­low­ing her inter­na­tion­al suc­cess she became the first Ger­man writer-pro­du­cer invited to join the fac­ulty at Seri­al Eyes Pro­gram, the European post­gradu­ate high-level TV series writ­ing and pro­du­cing pro­gram in Ber­lin since 2013, where she ment­ors up and com­ing European writers and pro­du­cers in of TV series. In 2019 she also worked as an Instruct­or for UFA’s Writ­ing Fel­low­ship, teach­ing “Seri­al­ized Storytelling” in the­ory and practice.
Over the past ten years Kirsten Itter­sha­gen has also cre­ated ori­gin­al TV series ideas. In 2014 her pas­sion pro­ject ALIBI AGEN­TUR (Alibi Agency) got a com­mis­sion for the ZDFneo TV Lab in Ger­many. She wrote the script and pro­duced the pilot along­side the com­pany UFA Seri­al Drama, which aired in August 2014 on ZDFneo.

In 2016 Kirsten Itter­sha­gen won the Exposé Fund­ing of the VDD and ProsiebenSAT1 in Ger­many for her ori­gin­al story idea TIN­DARELLA, which she developed 2018 into a dram­edy TV series. And in 2017 she got a fund­ing from the Ger­man Hessen Film fund to write her first fea­ture script MY DAD, ELVIS, which was con­sidered for the Ger­man Film Award for Best Screen­play – Unpro­duced 2019.

Since 2018 Kirsten Itter­sha­gen has also been work­ing as a writer and devel­op­ment writer for TV series and movies for the Ger­man com­pan­ies: UFA, Con­stantin TV, Made­For as part of Endemol Shine and Stu­dio Ham­burg Serienwerft.

Kirsten Itter­sha­gen cre­ated the inter­na­tion­al TV series Nina & Tom, the adap­tion of the acclaimed nov­el from the scan­dal journ­al­ist and author Tom Kum­mer, with Hol­ger Reibi­ger, pro­du­cer of DAS BOOT to pitch it to inter­na­tion­al net­works and stream­ing services.
The high-end near sci-fi drama TV series LOVE HAS WON, which she cre­ated is optioned by C21 Stu­dio in Lon­don to devel­op it for the US market.

Kirsten Itter­sha­gen lives in Ber­lin and Los Angeles, where her agent Roy Ashton from The Ger­sh Agency shops the adap­tion of her ori­gin­al TV series THE ALIBY AGENCY and TIN­DARELLA across Hollywood.