Mor­gan Gendel

Writer, Producer (US)

Mor­gan Gendel has 30 years’ exper­i­ence in TV as a net­work exec­ut­ive, writer, pro­du­cer, and showrun­ner. The Hugo Award win­ner (for »Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion«) has writ­ten or pro­duced more than 250 epis­odes of tele­vi­sion, includ­ing »Law & Order«, »Drop Dead Diva« and »The 100«, on which he served as co-exec­ut­ive pro­du­cer. He was showrun­ner or exec­ut­ive pro­du­cer on »Spider-Man«, »V.I.P.«, »The Dresden Files«, and the Life­time TV movie »A Decent Pro­pos­al«. He recently signed on to adapt the best-selling »King­foun­tain« book series for Nuc­le­us Media Rights, for whom he will also serve as showrun­ner, and his ori­gin­al sci-fi series »The Con­ver­gence« is cur­rently being set up by Stu­dio Babels­berg in alli­ance with Endgame Enter­tain­ment of Hol­ly­wood. As a con­sult­ant to Pro 7, he ment­ored writers of the TV series »Unschuldig« and did the same for the Rus­si­an com­pany Good­Story and the series »Sweet Life«. Out­side of the writ­ing realm, Gendel is a mem­ber of NASA’s Lun­ar Sur­face Innov­a­tion Con­sor­ti­um, to which he recently delivered a present­a­tion on HABO­L­ITH, his innov­at­ive design concept for astro­naut hous­ing on the moon and Mars.