The DETECt Crime Series Webinar

Seri­al Eyes now offers a webin­ar on how to cre­ate crime series. This webin­ar is inten­ded for both begin­ning and advanced writers. In reg­u­lar weekly install­ments the Seri­al Eyes fac­ulty dis­cusses the fas­cin­a­tion of writ­ing crime and explains the main dram­at­ur­gic­al ele­ments that make up a good crime series.

Episode #1: Why We Watch Crime

Episode #2: The Classic Police Procedural

Episode #3: The Investigative Thriller

Episode #4: The Mobster Drama Part 1

Episode #5: The Mobster Drama Part 2

Episode #6: The Criminal Protagonist

Episode #7: The Detective Character

Episode #8: Writing a TV Pitch Paper

Episode #9: Saying Something About the World

Episode #10: Gender and Diversity

Episode #11: Diversity What Screenwriters Can Do