Mar­lene Melchior


Mar­lene Mel­chi­or is cur­rently devel­op­ing and writ­ing with the pro­du­cers of Deutsch­land 83’ and Unortho­dox, as well as Endemol Shine’s Made For Films, Dynam­ic Tele­vi­sion and Dan­ish broad­caster Viaplay. She was head writer on the ZDFNeo adapt­a­tion of Dutch series ‘Anne +’ which will be released in 2021 as ‘Lov­ing Her’. In 2020 she wrote and dir­ec­ted ‘Mak­ing Unortho­dox’ for Net­flix and sold her Seri­al Eyes gradu­ation pro­ject ‘Downe Girls’. She’s also writ­ten and developed audio-series for Aud­ible, Hein­rich Boell Found­a­tion and has a life long pas­sion for radio. Mar­lene star­ted her career in radio at NPR Ber­lin, where she was a report­er and exec­ut­ive pro­du­cer. In 2018 she co-wrote the European Films Awards. Melchior’s com­edy web­ser­ies ‘BIG­HEADS’ garnered mul­tiple prizes and was nom­in­ated for best inter­na­tion­al series at Raind­ance in 2014. Mar­lene has an MA in lit­er­at­ure, trained in phys­ic­al theatre and worked as a devel­op­ment intern at Such Much Films in Los Angeles, where she assisted with Paul Rud­d’s ‘Catch­er Was A Spy’ and Dakota Fanning’s ‘Please Stand By.’ Mar­lene grew up between Lon­don and Sydney and has since lived in Los Angeles, Ams­ter­dam and Ber­lin. She speaks Eng­lish and German.