DFFB Ses­sion: A Com­plete Guide to the Web Series Phe­nomen­on with Meredith Burkholder

16 Octo­ber 2019, 6pm @ DFFB Cinema

The web series phe­nomen­on first gained atten­tion with an his­tor­ic spon­tan­eous move­ment of inde­pend­ent pro­duc­tion between 2008 and 2012. This boom res­ul­ted in the birth of a new format and a new medi­um for seri­al­ized fic­tion. Find out where this format has been and where it is going as Meredith Burk­hold­er presents high­lights from her book, co-authored by Joël Bas­saget, Short, Nar­rat­ive & Seri­al­ized. It is based largely on a data­base of 6000 web series pro­duced between 1995 and 2017 ana­lyz­ing such top­ics as genre, pro­duc­tion volumes, glob­al spe­cificit­ies, plat­forms, and budgets. This ses­sion will not only sharpen your know­ledge of a move­ment that is chan­ging the face of the enter­tain­ment industry, it will also kick­start your jour­ney into dis­cov­er­ing and con­quer­ing the new ter­rit­or­ies of storytelling in the digit­al landscape.

The event will be held in Eng­lish. In cooper­a­tion with Filmnet­zwerk Ber­lin.

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