Rémi Tereszkiewicz

CEO of Betaseries (France)

Rémi Tereszkiewicz is an expert of OTT ser­vices and TV series mar­ket­ing. Hav­ing served since 1994 as VP or SVP in sales and mar­ket­ing pos­i­tions  for vari­ous com­pan­ies such as Warner Broth­ers (2016), Lagardère Stu­di­os (2014), Net­gem (2004) or Euros­port (1994), he led the cre­ation and launch­ing of numer­ous TV ser­vices and  xVOD offers. He is cur­rently CEO of Betaser­ies, a lead­ing European media plat­form  run­ning recom­mend­a­tion ser­vices for a com­munity of 6 mil­lion monthly TV series fans and ana­lys­ing TV series & OTT usages to accom­pany the media industry with mar­ket­ing solutions.