It’s a Wrap! Final Pitch 2019

On May 10, the sixth edition of Serial Eyes finished with another successful Final Pitch. The event took place at Soho House Berlin with a full house of international producers, commissioners and agents. After a warm welcome from DFFB director Ben Gibon, Ms. Amandine Maudet of Vivendi Content held the opening keynote address and wished “Season 6” a successful pitch.

The pitches kicked off with Anthony Khaseria’s buddy-cop show Pre-Tectives about a rookie cop working with his future self. Rosy Deacon’s supernatural drama Winterbourne transported the audience to rural Yorkshire with its dark forces and healing waters. Andrea Frischholz presented her sitcom Saviours about the adventures of a rag tag team of humanitarian aid workers. Luisa Hardenberg’s family drama Related about three adult step-siblings coping with a family trauma closed out the first block.

Cyril Deydier started off the second set with his crime drama The Outlaws about a school teacher facing off with the mafia on the Côte d’Azur. Eleonora Veninova followed with her comedy The Kepleans about two extra-terrestrials stuck in 1970s’ West Berlin. The past was also the backdrop of Valentina Shevyakhova‘s time-travel romantic drama, Best of Times, whereas Yashar Alishenas’ near-future comedy The Ministry of Love saw a romantic novelist hired by a government agency to rekindle love in post-Tinder Sweden.

Felice Götze‘s family crime drama The Wrong People took the audience to the sunny but treacherous beaches of Majorca. Giulio Rizzo brought out the sinister parallels between cult leaders and business managers with his darkly comedic thriller Look Up To Me. Susannah Ward‘s family drama The Risk was set at the London Stock Exchange in 1973, the same year Britain joined the EEC. Last but not least, Philipp Scherzer presented his period cop drama The Reckoning, set in Nuremberg, Germany, during the optimistic and booming 1950s.

All in all, it was a great day of pitches! We would like to thank our guests for their attendance, and best of luck to the class of 2018-19 with their projects. If you’re interested in the projects and would like to contact the writers directly, please check out our Final Pitch booklet.