Ruddy-Williams Kabuiku

Writer, French

Ruddy is a French writer based in Paris. He studied screenwriting at Langara College. Back in France, Ruddy co-wrote and co-directed the documentary L’amour en Cité. At the end of the Serial Eyes programme, he was selected for a three-month TV-writing apprenticeship at Frank Spotnitz’s Big Light Production where he could experience the Writers’ Room on shows such as Medici and Ransom. Since then, Gaston, the show Ruddy developed during Serial Eyes, has been optioned by Cinétévé. He is also writing on a show developed by The Oligarchs Production.


Recent Credits:
Gaston, creator, writer, Cinétévé, Luxemburg (in development)
L’amour en Cité, documentary film, co-writer, co-director

French, English