Serial Eyes in Copenhagen

In November the Serial Eyes group visited Copenhagen. Our journey into the inspiring world of Danish and Scandinavian series started at commercial channel TV2 where our participants met with the commissioning editors. Then former DR producer Sven Clausen provided a historical overview of the serial revolution in Danish TV and discussed the development and production process of the new TV2-ARTE co-production, DNA. Following that, Miso Film producer Christian Potalivo provided an insight into the creation of the first Danish Netflix-show, The Rain. On our final day Malin Nevander, Head of Development at SVT, visited us from Stockholm and gave us an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Swedish fiction department. Last but not least, Isabelle Péchou from Reinvent Studios provided us with a comprehensive overview of companies and business models present in Scandinavian landscapes. All in all, our trip again provided an excellent opportunity to get to know more closely one of the most interesting scripted TV industries in Europe.